In-line Filling Machine

ISF in-line filling machines comes with time limited and volumetric version. These machines are capable of filling Ice-cream, yogurt, water, fruit juice etc.

The volumetric version ensures accurate filling of product without the droplets getting in to the sealing area.
The time limited version ensures no damage to the structure of the product, when filling in to cups and cones, keeping the shape and good taste of the product unchanged.


Machine Design
ISF in-line filling machines comes with facilities to fill single color and double color ice creams, chocolate spray, decorations and nut dispenser.


Volume of fill 80 to 120ml Air consumption@6br 750lpm
production 6000 pieces voltage 50hz
lanes 2 dimensions in mm
drive 2.2kw Length 3800
choclate heater 0.4 width&height 1000 x 2000