CIP is perhaps best applied to batch process operations because the amount of residual product from a single batch can contaminate subsequent batches. Given the frequency of this operation, the CIP method is ideally suited to fast turnarounds and to achieve a high degree of piping and equipment cleanliness.


CIP system benefits
  • :: Lower labor Cost
  • :: Decrease in raw material usage
  • :: lower energy cost
  • :: prevent contamination in pipes and tanks
Salient Features
  • :: Remove those items that require manual cleaning such as fill tubes, manhole gaskets, plug valves,etc
  • :: Provide physical breaks between any circuits or tank containing product.
  • :: Pre-rinse or flush thoroughtly with cool water not to exceed exceed 80°F
  • :: Circulate an effective detergent solution throughout the circuit for the period of time necessary to remove the residues in the circuit
  • :: Discard pre_rinse water, flushing until relatively clear